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 4 Serious Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Font For Your CV

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PostSubject: 4 Serious Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Font For Your CV   Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:34 pm

Unknown to most job seekers, when it comes to writing CVs, there are safe and unsafe fonts. Safe fonts are fonts that can be displayed on another computer when your CV is emailed while unsafe fonts are exactly the opposite -- they don't display on another computer when your CV is emailed. And the ignorance of this has been responsible for the mass failures of CVs and the consequent joblessness of many job seekers. You want to avoid it.

Understand this: no employer will email you and ask you to re-write your CV and resend it because the fonts didn't display. They haven't time for that. That is why you must take the issue of font type for your CV very serious.

So, before choosing any font for your CV, here are 4 crucial questions you must ask yourself:

1. Is it a safe font?

2. Is it easy on the eyes?

3. Is it clear enough to read?

4. Would it come out fine when printed out?

Now I know someone will say, "Hey! Edwin Akpan, before you go, can you please tell us which fonts are safe and which fonts are not safe?"

Okay, okay, I'll tell you only five of them. If you're wise, you'll Google out the rest. The following fonts are safe fonts:

1. Arial

2. Verdana

3. Georgia

4. Tahoma

5. Garamond

6. Times New Roman

I know, I know, I added one to make it six - good for you. But let me sound a word of caution here. Just because they are safe fonts doesn't mean you can use any of them in your body text and stand out of thousands of other applicants. No! There are actually more requirements to choosing a font than just its safety. The questions you need to ask yourself before settling down for one are the questions I have already revealed above.

You want to go and see how the fonts look like? Great idea!

You'll succeed.
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4 Serious Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Font For Your CV
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