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 Introducing Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers Forum SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!

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PostSubject: Introducing Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers Forum SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!   Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:30 am

:Everything You Want To Know About Scholarships::

Introducing Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers Forum SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!

What are these Scholarships?

We give scholarships and certificates to people who solve queries in
this forum. These queries are asked by Students and Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers aspirants of India
who need some help. The queries are related to Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers prepration.
Your guidance can help people get good education and become more career
aware. In the process you also gain a lot of important knowledge along
with the scholarship amount and a valuable certificate. These Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers Forum Scholarships are held every month.

Why are these scholarships being given?

We want to encourage people to help each other in solving their
Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers related queries. This is the reason we introduced

1st Rank ----- Rs.3000/-
2nd Rank ----- Rs.2000/-
3rd Rank ----- Rs.1000/-

And 10 consolations prizes of Rs. 500/- each to members ranking from 4st to 13th

How do I benefit from it?

  • Increase your knowledge about various career options. It's always helpful for you.
  • Feel good by helping thousands of students of India who need help.
  • Improve your writing skills. Many members have improved their English here.
  • Improve your typing speed. When you post answers here your typing speed improves naturally. Helpful for you.
  • Improve your researching skills. You keep getting better at it.
  • Get scholarships money to help and motivate yourself.
  • Make friends with highly educated students and professionals.
  • Become a part of one of the biggest online Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers forum.

Is there any fee for joining?

No, it's absolutey free for everyone.

Is there any application form I need to fill?

You just need to create an account on this site by registering HERE. Registration is absolutely free.

Who is eligible for participating?

Everyone preparing for Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers is eligible for this. We want to give equal
opportunity to everyone.

How would I get the scholarship amount and certificate if I win?

If you win, we will contact you by email and ask you to fill a small
online form with your address and payment details. Once we get the
details, we will send your Scholarship and Certificate by Speed Post or a
reliable Courier Service.

When will it start? and end?

Scholarships starting from 1st of every month — You can participate as many times as you want.

How will you select the winners?

We’ll select the winners by analyzing the quality and quantity of
answers. We’ll see how serious you are in helping other students and
taking part in discussions about various topics.

Any tips for winning this?

Yes, try to post helpful answers on as many queries as you can. You’ll win.

When will the winners be announced?

We’ll announce the winners after the scholarship duration ends.


Follow these steps and you have good chances of winning this scholarship:


Step 2: After registering, you’ll get an email from us which will contain an activation link. Click that link.

Step 3: Now find Questions.

Step 4: Start answering the questions. You'll get points for each answer.


  • Post helpful answers.
  • Do not copy answers or discussions from other sites.
  • Do not post links to sites like pdfsearch, pdfqueen etc. They are useless.
  • Do not use SMS language.
  • Use proper English, Correct Spellings and Grammar.
  • Do not use abusive language.
  • Do not use all capital letters, that is: DON'T SHOUT.
  • Links to only official websites of Institutions and Organizations
    are permissible. If you give links to some other site, your post or
    thread can be deleted.
  • Do not copy or rewrite other members' answers.
  • Do not post wrong information.
  • Do not post 3-4 words answers. You should have details in your posts.
  • Do not give answers like "Search this on Google, you'll find it". People who ask questions, come here after searching Google.
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Introducing Entrance Exams Jobs Carriers Forum SCHOLARSHIPS!!!!
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