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 Jobs in Nanotechnology In India?

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PostSubject: Jobs in Nanotechnology In India?   Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:52 am

Jobs in Nanotechnology In India?

I have done b.pharma and then in nanotechnology. Now the scenario is that in nanotechnology is not offered in colleges so i can't apply for teaching for nanotechnology. Also pharmacy colleges says that i am not eligible to teach pharma students moreover there is not scarcity of M.pharma students in India. Pharmaceutical companies are also not hiring us.
so the question is not that can i do in nanotechnology after B.pharma its that there is no job opportunity for us after that so what is the our future now ??????
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Posts : 97
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PostSubject: hi friend ...Nanotechnology is the science of the miniature,   Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:52 am

hi friend ...Nanotechnology is the science of the miniature, and the technology of the future this is one of the most exciting and wide area of research which may lead to the greatest technological advances of the 21st century...The scope and application of Nanotechnology is tremendous and mind-boggling. The career opportunities in the fields of nanoscale science and technology are expanding rapidly, as these fields have increasing impact on many aspects of our daily lives. The major areas for the development of applications involving Nanotechnology are medical and pharmaceuticals,information technology,electronics, magnetics and optoelectronics, energy chemicals, advanced materials and textile professional in the field of Nanotechnology can easily find lucrative career opportunities in various sectors. They can work in the field of nano-medicine, bio-informatics, stem cell development, pharmaceutical companies, nano toxicology and nano power generating sectors.

Other work fields includes :
Health Industry
Environment Industry
Food and Beverages
Space Research
Product development and advising
Academic and Teaching
R & D in government, universities and private research institutes
Communication & Media
Forensic science & many other new industries emerging as a result of advances in nanotechnology..
Some of the companies in India that provides job prospects are Cranes Software International Limited, Bangalore; Monad Nanotech Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai; Velbionanotech, Bangalore; Qtech Nanosystems (P) Ltd, Bangalore; Innovations Unified Technology, Mumbai etc.


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Jobs in Nanotechnology In India?
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