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 How to apply for CBSE scholarships after scoring 80% in 12th? From where to get the forms of CBSE scholarships?

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PostSubject: How to apply for CBSE scholarships after scoring 80% in 12th? From where to get the forms of CBSE scholarships?   Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:47 am

How to apply for CBSE scholarships after scoring 80% in 12th? From where to get the forms of CBSE scholarships?

i have got more than 80% marks in 12th cbse board examination.Now i have joined in B Tech 1st year in Govt.Engineering can i apply for cbse scholarships for the current acadamic year? Where do i get application for the cbse scholarships

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PostSubject: Welcome to CBSE Scholarship 2011 Section.   Tue Dec 06, 2011 4:47 am

hello friend here every information you need is given just read it carefully

Welcome to CBSE Scholarship 2011 Section. Here you will find CBSE Scholarship 2011, for College Students, Single Girl Child, Criteria, Application Form, Results, CBSE Scholarship Scheme.

The Central Board of Secondary Education notifies the following scholarship schemes on the basis of examinations conducted by the Board in the year 2010:

1. CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Single Girl Child For + 2 studies.
2. CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Professional Studies (AIPMT).
3. CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Professional Studies (AIEEE).
4. CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Under Graduate Studies for Single Girl Child.
5. Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship For College And University Students 2010.

CBSE Merit Scholarship 2011:-

The objective of the CBSE merit scholarship scheme is to provide scholarships for professional education of medicine and engineering in the institutes participating in CBSE conducted All India Pre Medical/ All India Engineering Entrance Examinations, or Central Govt. controlled/ aided institutions. The scheme is aimed at providing financial assistance to the brilliant students to enable them to pursue higher studies. The scheme also aims to support the higher education of girls, who are the only children of their parents, so that they become professionally qualified and financially independent.

Award of scholarships:

The scholarships shall be awarded to students according to merit and without reference to the institution where they have studied or where they propose to prosecute their further studies nor will there be any allocation of scholarships to particular institutions. All girls awarded the scholarship will be called ‘Indira Gandhi Scholars’.

Eligibility criteria:-

a.Candidates whose names are appearing in the merit list of CBSE AIPMT(Final) Examination and CBSE-AIEEE Examination shall only be considered for award of CBSE scholarship for pursuing a professional course.

b.All Girl candidates, who are otherwise eligible and are the only child in the family.

c.The scholarship shall be awarded to Indian National only.

d.A student in full time employment shall not be eligible for award of scholarship.

e.A Scholar under the scheme while availing scholarship can enjoy other concession(s) given by the institution in which he/she is studying/ other organization(s).

f.Candidates who have passed qualifying Examinations in the year 2005 onwards shall only be eligible for consideration under this Scheme.

Duration of scholarship and its renewal :-

a.A Scholarship awarded shall be renewed on year-to-year basis till the completion of such course. The renewal will depend on promotion to next class provided the scholar secure 50% or more marks in aggregate in the semester/annual examination which determines his/her promotion to the next class. Colleges where only grades are awarded will be requested to indicate suitable conversion of overall grades into percentage for this purpose.

b.The renewal/ continuation of the Scholarship, in cases where a Scholar gives up the chosen course of study before its completion or changes the course of study, will be subject to prior approval of the CBSE. Good conduct and regularity in attendance are required for continuance of a scholarship. The decision of the CBSE shall be final and binding in all such matters. A scholarship once cancelled will not be renewed under any circumstances.

Rates and number of scholarships:-

Total number of scholarship and the rates for the same shall be as under:

Courses Number of scholarships* Rate/month (Rs.)

ENGINEERING:- 350 Rs. 1000/-

MBBS:- 150 Rs. 1000/-

*Total number of scholarships at the end of four years will be 2000. 5% of the total number of scholarships shall be for the girl candidates who are the only child in the family. However in case of non receipt of application from such candidates, any unawarded scholarships left from this category would be available to other candidates.

Financial implications:-

The maximum amount of scholarship shall be Rupees 240 Lakhs per annum from the fourth year onwards. However, in the initial years financial implications of scholarship shall be as per details below:

CBSE Scholarship 2011 Selection procedure:-

The Board shall intimate the candidates who fulfill the conditions of the scheme and who appear in the merit list prepared by the Board. The offer letters will be issued with in 15 days from the date of declaration of the respective results. The candidate will have to submit to the Board a letter of acceptance along with proof of joining Medical/ Engineering course in an University/ Institute recognized under the scheme, duly certified by the Registrar/ Dean of such University/ Institute on or before 31st August* of the year in which scholarship is to be awarded. The scholarship shall be renewed on Ist April every year on submission of the proof of securing qualifying marks in the previous year from the University concerned. Request for renewal of scholarship will be accepted up to 31 August only. The decision of the Board in this regard shall be final.

* Please note that the last date for submission of the letter of acceptance by the candidate to the Board along with all the relevant documents will be November 30th, 2005 for the current year i.e. AIPMT- 2005 and AIEEE- 2005.

Payment of scholarship:-

The payment of scholarship shall be made by the Board by making bank transfer to the accounts of the candidates. For this, the candidate shall open a bank account in his/her single name and shall inform details of such bank account to the Board so that amount of scholarship may be transferred to this account.

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How to apply for CBSE scholarships after scoring 80% in 12th? From where to get the forms of CBSE scholarships?
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