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 Improve Mental Ability Using Mind Power Techniques

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PostSubject: Improve Mental Ability Using Mind Power Techniques   Improve Mental Ability Using Mind Power Techniques I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 24, 2009 11:27 pm

The powerful human mind also needs to be exercised through different Mind Power Techniques. What are these techniques we are talking about? There are many things we could do to exercise our brain. It is through different exercises that allows the mind to be used more, but at the same time sharpening it. The following are the different activities that could help increase our brain power:

• Proper Posture

Proper posture allows us to think more. For our brain to function well, it needs enough oxygen. A good sitting position while allowing our brain to work enables it to be more productive. It allows the brain to function well because it receives the amount of oxygen it needs.

• Do the Math

Another way to exercise our brain is by solving different math problems. Math problems make the human mind more capable of solving difficult issues and problems.

• Eat Right to Think Right

Even our minds need to eat. Whatever we eat, it has an effect to our brain. Our human brain needs certain nutrients so it could function well. Our brain also needs a specific count of oxygen intake to increase its performance. Lack of oxygen may lead the brain not to function well. It may affect the way our mind will perform.

• Mental Tricks

Mental tricks are just like math problems. It is also called I.Q. tests. Tests like these exercises the brain. This is also one of the very important mind power techniques. The brain is exercised more and functions way better if it is used in solving different problems.

• Boost your creativity

How do we boost ones creativity? Using our creativity also gives the mind the capacity to think more. For us to be more creative, we have to practice and practice. Learning how to draw, paint and even write makes us creative. As we practice more of these talents, we get to enhance our creativity. As our creativity level shoots up, our brain function also steps up.

• Music for the Brain

Our mind, even though it needs to be worked out, it also needs to be relaxed. A soothing music relaxes our mind. It gives the brain the time to think and rest at the same time. The brain calms down when it hears relaxing music. The brain waves are also exercised by the sound of the music. Remember, whatever our brain hears, it also gives the same response. So give your brain a chance to relax and ponder by listening to some relaxing tunes.

The different mind power techniques give the brain the ability to rest and work at the same time. If our mind is exercised well, then it will also function well. The powerful human mind should constantly be exercised because it plays a very vital role in the way we live our lives. No matter how powerful it is, if the brain is taken for granted, there is no use. Our brain should be treated like a human being. It should be well taken care of, nourished, fed and relaxed.
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Improve Mental Ability Using Mind Power Techniques
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